zoom wedding games

Zoom Wedding Games

So you’re all set for your Zoom Wedding and are looking for some Zoom Wedding games to spice the party up. Here are some that will get your party started right!

Zoom Newlywed game

The Newlywed game is perfect for a Zoom wedding and is guaranteed to get guests laughing. Pick our questions below or make your own, and read them aloud to Zoom guests, having them write down their answers. You can then read out to the answers and have the guests self-score. To make it less like a solemn class quiz, you can have some open ended or opinion based answers, and have the guests vote for which answer wins!

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Zoom Wedding Bingo

You can adapt Wedding Bingo templates for a Zoom environment. Just make sure you choose one where none of the activities require in person presence. Make sure you send the templates to your guests early so they have it in hand, and carve out 5 minutes to pick a winner!

Stand up Sit Down

This is another fun guest game that can be translated to a virtual setting for your Zoom wedding games. Its fun for letting the guests learn more about each other and getting people involved even from home.

The way the game works is you ask everyone to stand up to begin with. An alternative for accessibility is ask everyone to raise a hand, turn their head to one side etc. You the proceed to eliminate people by critieria such as “If you have white socks, sit down”, or “If you can’t whistle, sit down”. You can adapt these to be wedding related such as “If you know the couple from School, sit down” or “If you have been a bridesmaid or groomsman sit down”.

Here’s a handy card from Pinterest

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