This is Zoom Wedding 101. Due to COVID-19, there are many couples who won’t be able to have their families and friends celebrate their big day in person. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have your ceremony – We got you! Start here to get the scoop on all the steps to planning your amazing Zoom Wedding.

Grab inspiration! [Zoom Wedding 101]

The best way to start is to get inspired by the dozens of couples who have already made this happen. If they can do it – you can too!

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Get set up and prep logistics! [Zoom Wedding 101]

Getting set up before your big day is simple. When planning out your Zoom wedding, find out which platform you’re using. Are you planning on using Zoom? Facebook? Instagram Live?  Talk to your future spouse and know what your needs are for your online wedding. How many people do you want to see the event, and do you want to record it for memory’s sake.

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Get your guests involved! [Zoom Wedding 101]

Save time, money, and energy by using virtual invites. Be sure to update the wording so they accurately reflect the change in venue. Include the link in your invite as well, so others can add it to their virtual calendars.

Because this situation is quite unique, you’ll want to educate your guests on telecommuting etiquette. You’ll want to include instructions on how to turn on video recording, how to turn mute on and off, and how to utilize the platform you choose. Include a timeline on when to pop the bubbles or open the snacks during your Livestream. For extra fun, open a Spotify wedding playlist that anyone can add to!

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Get glam!

Just because you’re getting married via computer doesn’t mean you can’t look as awesome as you’ve dreamed. The dress code is entirely up to you! If you still want to wear your dress, go for it! If you want to look a little more laid back, that’s more than okay! Be sure to also let your guests know of the dress code if you’ll be screenshotting or recording them during the ceremony.

Your hair and makeup are also a free game! Most brides during these lock down weddings speak on the importance of makeup and hair that’s a balance between natural, comfortable, and camera friendly. Do some research and find the best look for you!

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Create a mood! What theme were you planning? Figure out ways you can incorporate the decorations you’ve already purchased into your new theme. If you’re stuck in your apartment for your special day, consider making up a backdrop. Twinkly lights, fancy wallpaper, and whimsical knick-knacks are one way to make your day memorable. If you’re feeling Pinterest, like many in quarantine are, there are plenty of pinboards that will give you a few ways to make your day memorable without breaking the bank.

Save the memory!

Just like you’d have your videographer and/or photographer capturing those special moment , you can use virtual call technology to record the moment.

Why not also use an online freelance service like fiver to take your screen recording and mix it into a fun and memorable video.

Instead of a real life wedding guest favors, why don’t you go for these virtual favors, that will leave your weddings guests with the warm memory of the special day.

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