An Edinburgh Zoom Wedding for the Ages

When the wedding ceremony of Lisa Kabouridis and Graeme Blackett was among the many weddings thrown into a state of purgatory by the current COVID-19 crisis, they found a way to have the wedding of their dreams, the Verge reports. This Edinburgh couple invited all their friends friends and family, dressed up, and hosted their wedding virtually, via the Zoom meeting software. They were married in their Edinburgh home, the aisle Kabouridis walked down was actually the hallway of their home, and friends and family all watched through Zoom.

While the video conferenced wedding was likely not what the newlyweds anticipated, they don’t regret it one bit. “We thought it would be anticlimactic, but it really wasn’t,” Kabouridis told the Verge. “There were loads of people crying on screen. It was really beautiful.”

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